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For 20 marks of CGLE

and 30 questions of CDSE

will you study Science?


Download Handwritten Notes

Written in 2013, they have gone outdated. There were some factual mistakes, some off-topic content and some grammar issues, which I never bothered to rectify. If you still want to download them, they are available. However, the book is better than the movie notes. (click image to download)

Read My Poems

Eighteen poems from my childhood, and thirty-four poems from my adulthood: all these used to be available on my blog. Now they are available under Amazon Publications (also free, as per Kindle Unlimited Subscription). Click the image above to know the poet inside me.

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I have been a faculty in Paramount Coaching for more than 5 years, and I boast to have taught almost 700 batches, which is more than any other teacher of Mukherjee Nagar, for any subject, ever. Now it is time to reach those who can't afford to pay high coaching fees. Happy studying.